Man! Kids suck! don’t they?

Before you come for me, I like children! I found them entertaining and great to have around. They also remind me to live to the fullest. Now that you know that I have nothing against those creatures, let me complain about them!!!!!

All of my friends are having babies and I became automatically their aunts. I love them, but they are annoying for my social life! To go out as a group, or to have a simple video call to check on one another, they have to be part of the project. We have to make several plans and trust me, it sometimes takes days! Does everyone have a babysitter? is it Miss F gymnastics class that day? Is baby A doctor appointment is not scheduled? After all that, sometimes one kid decides to get sick the day before we can realize anything! Boy! It is hard, and I commend my friends for giving the best of themselves to those little ungrateful children who say dada before mama! How dreadful!

If you are a single friend or one without kids of your own group, I bet that you already know how the actual going out is playing out. Talking about the kids nutrition, their school progress, who walks before even crawling, who is sassier than mama, and who just chooses to not sleep at night! Then, we can try to talk about the stages of our life and be ourselves for twenty minutes…. Because our programs need to stick to their schedule, the mamas have to go back on duties. 

Is it the same on the male settings? Or do man just wake up and make plans with their friends? Are they stuck home for more than three months with a kid stuck on their titties or do they just keep their lives running as usual once becoming father? Do they cry when they go back to work, or does anyone ask them who is watching their kids if they have the audacity to be somewhere without them.

On a serious note, motherhood is a deal! The girls still work full time, some of them go to school, have a whole husband or partner that they are taking care of. They are facing society pressures, parenting criticism, and fear of not be able to be the best mom ever! I am proud of them and I hope their efforts are appreciated. 

PS: People stopped asking you questions about your personal life once you start staring at them and not answering. An embarrassing silence goes on and they walk away nervously. No, I cannot practice with you. I have boots 👢 to buy.

Sophie J

8 thoughts on “Man! Kids suck! don’t they?

  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 girl…. don’t be hating on them… now you have so many nieces and nephews…
    And yessss… RESPECT to all the women working or/and going to school while taking care of their kids, their husband… it’s not easy. They are SHEroes


  2. I would like to have the dads input in this cause in our society when a man does something for his own kid it is like it was admirable like someone else is the dad🙄🙄🙄
    Normalized “the father role” please enough of this patriarchal society.


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