In The Name of Bloodline

I’m at that age that allows me to date both Cuomos brothers… yeppppp. But it doesn’t make my life easier. I’m Caribbean which means my family expectations are over the top! Trust me! The Eiffel Tower has nothing on them when it comes to doing the most…. I’m obviously just kidding please!!!! I wouldn’t stress myself out for any reason.

Family is a beautiful thing man! You opened your eyes one day and you are forever expected to bond with a group of people you might not even like…. isn’t that hilarious 😂? Let’s be honest, some of our relatives could never share more than genes and blood with us! And even this remains a mystery. Seriously, have you never look at a family member and thought….. (you could never)…… if, you were the one choosing?

I enjoy family dynamics a lot! I like the facts we keep trying with certain people just because “they’re family”…. We may not like them most of the time … but we want to believe there is love somewhere. That is probably why I keep watching the Real Housewives on Bravo, family drama is often a big part of the show…… With that being said, if you’re problematic, for me, you have to leave. If your only reason not to do better is because you have been raised that way, you’re too grown, or the culture, you can’t stay. I still can have love for you, but from the parallel street. Some people stress you out just by hearing their names. Why keep inviting cardiovascular threats into my life?

The conversation about friends who become family is for another day, but we’ll get to it. However, since it’s the end of the year and family gatherings are a big part of the celebration, please stop five minutes and think about it. Are you the one antagonize people around you? Because let’s keep it 💯 , you might be the problem…. Or do you have to give yourself twenty pep talks before a family dinner? Do you walk on eggshells the whole time? Do you come from it drained and feel like a get away is really needed? Most of us come from backgrounds that never allow us to feel comfortable analyzing our emotions, to feel pain, to even cry. Guess what? It doesn’t make you weak! It strengthens you! It’s okay to grow emotionally and connect with yourself. It might cut you right open sometimes, but it is also the first step in the healing process.

PS: You should buy yourself a gift for everything 2020 has put you through. You deserve it.

2 thoughts on “In The Name of Bloodline

  1. I just like your text. It’s the reality. Family mmmm
    A lot of meaning
    A lot of self control and explosion sometimes
    But connect emotionally with yourself is the best thing to do😍
    Thanks Bella Mia😘

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