Who are your friends?

How do choose your friends? Does anyone have access to this title?

With the ascension of social media, connecting with people around the world has become very easy. Most countries also maintain decent diplomatic relations between them so, it is also possible to move and discover other cultures. If you have the ability to speak more than one language, the possibilities are greater l. So making friends should be easier than when people were mostly living in one village from birth to death! When the faults of the great grandfather were still blamed on the children and stigmatized forever ☹️☹️☹️!!!!

Nevertheless, who are your friends? How do choose them ? Do they have to prove themselves worthy of being in your circle, or is it welcome to everyone who just wants to be around? I, personally don’t make friends easily, my circle is not a big one and mostly dynamic. My friends differ from another and they are also in my life because they choose to. They can also leave if they feel the need to. People change and I might not the same kind of person they want to be around.

One thing that I understand over the years is friendships can evolve. It is also important to know what you expect from your friends and what they need from you. Expectations might also change from time to time. It should not be an issue, as long as all parties are on the same page. Some people need deeper connections, long conversations, meanwhile others just wish to have fun when they get together. All relationships require some work from whoever choose to take part of them. But, as humans, we often don’t like anything simple and need some complications…

With that being said, I lost some friendships over the years, and gained some great ones. Some friends became acquaintances, other ones are now considered family. Transparency, honesty, and respect are some of the components that I require from the people in my life. No mater how close you are, some boundaries should never be crossed. I also make sure we share some of the same values. We do need to agree on everything but I draw the lines when it comes to some subjects such as feminism, equality, human rights, or domestic violence, the basics, right? I’m not asking for your family jewels!!!!!! Maybe some shoes 🤭🤭🤭!!!!

You got it, I think you should be thinking about who your friends are and what type of energy they bring around you. Can you grow and learn from them? Can you discuss a matter and find some type of resolution without anyone being hurt and be respectful? Are you okay with other people knowing they are a part of your circle? Because, listen!!!!! That also counts! More than you would like it to be…. (don’t tell you’re against bullying if you’re drinking tea with one and you know it)

PS: You are allowed to walk away from some childhood friendships, and make new friends! You’ll be fine!

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