Monitoring without invading, can you?

I’m a big fan of “do what makes you happy” if isn’t causing any harms but always be aware of the possible consequences. I think once you establish some grounds and rules into your life, try to stick by them, everything become easier. But how and when do you learn to do so ?

Since last year, TikTok has become a big part of the internet. I’m sorry Facebook friends, but even instagram is not trendy anymore. Personally, I enjoy TikTok, I have learned a great deal of things and discovered people with amazing talents. However, I think parents or guardians should be aware of this particular video social networking. Before this whole pandemic, mostly teenagers were using it. This app only blew up when we all started quarantining and became bored to death. Now, TikTokers are influencers, stars, regular people, artists of all ages who are using this platforms for different reasons.

There is so many sides of TikTok that my mind is constantly amazed by the things that I see, but sometimes I wished that I could unsee some content. However, even though I know how to play with the algorithm to only get content that I wish, some unwanted ones popped up from time to time. So, are parents who have teenagers aware of what is going on in the internet especially those apps, without of course violating their children privacy….. tricky, some would say but I don’t think it is.

Communication with respect are the base of any healthy relationship. Parents, sometimes are so caught up in being grownups that they forgot about their younger years. They sometimes also become overprotective and don’t want their children to make any or their own mistakes. I don’t know how many times, I’ve heard: “I couldn’t talk with my parents when I was young because they will get mad… even when I wanted to try… they were not willing to listen…” Well, maybe parents don’t realize that sometimes they are using their children as a scapegoat. Maybe if they could remember how hard it was for them at that age…. the relationship would be better.

We are all in the learning paths, but different section of the school of life. Don’t just assume young people or teenagers are too young to understand or don’t let your own insecurities prevent you from having great experiences with them. Obviously, it easier said than done because every situation is different. Every generation comes with their own challenges. However, by having a child parents signed up for that life, and I’m sorry to let you know that providing for your children is just the bare minimum. So, how do parents who struggle to send simple texts can really guide their teenagers who have truly mastered those apps?

PS: When are we throwing away our Apple boxes ? Are we even allowed to do that? Because I’m concerned… should we all do it together?

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