Neutral but… opinionated, how?

So may of you have emailed, texted, even called to check on me since the terrible news of Wednesday morning! I felt seen and heard! So I want to thank you for thinking of me, my home country, and everything that is currently happening. If you have read my previous posts regarding the state of my home country, you already know my pain. I’ve been suffering of the situation and today is no different 💔.

I acknowledged all my feelings without questioning them. I can’t exactly describe what they are but I trust the process and go along with it. What to believe or understand up to know out of control. Is this what happened when the justice system of a country has failed its citizens so many times?

More than ever being an immigrant is difficult. It’s living with crazy and contradictory feelings bubbling up and fighting to keep a smile no matter what. But sometimes, it forces you to look at the reality with different lenses and being couscous of things on the outside even though your heart and spirit have never left. I don’t think I would ever be able to explain what I go through. It’s also a different experience for everyone so understand that your feeling are valid.

I don’t know what the future holds, I can’t even understand the present and I questioned the past seeing how things are playing out! What a rollercoaster of emotions! I’m mainly praying, trying to read between lines and being more confused…

PS: no matter what you’re feeling , always stand up against injustice… because there’s no such thing as being concerned and remaining neutral!

4 thoughts on “Neutral but… opinionated, how?

  1. Mw konfime! Lavi imigre pa fasil. Anpil fwa w pa menm rive mete mo sou sa w santi. Oblije kite peyi w pou w al viv lòt kote se youn nan pi gwo chatiman ki genyen.

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