Do we deserve to know?

Suppose you don’t have Tiktok, man! What are you waiting for!!!!???? Seriously, this app is it! Anyhow, there are different sides of tiktok and I happen to be on the one for gorgeous gorgeous girl! Well the community almost crumbled this past week when one of their favorite couples announced their breakup.

For weeks now, every time one of them posted a video on their page, the comments were on fire, everyone suspecting something wasn’t right between them, bringing proof and what not! It was hilarious, and am I ashamed to be so invested? I crossed that line long ago when I started watching reality TV. But seriously, one could say why a public figure or someone whose relationship is public would owe an explanation to their followers, supporters, or even stalkers after breakups. Maybe they don’t, but they kind of also do…. Wait, hear me out….

I’m not talking about celebrities or public figures because sometimes they don’t even have the choice when it comes to what they share with fans or the general public. I’m talking about people with everyday life who choose to live some aspects of their lives in public. Sometimes they gain followers on their social media platforms for this reason. People are nosy even if you don’t invite them, so once you do so, forget it! So this couple on TikTok finally revealed they split, and the comments section one more time did not disappoint! I couldn’t stop thinking about how difficult it probably was for them to be transparent.

So how much private is essential? Or should people risk it all? It is already hard to deal with breakups but to do it publicly? I can’t even imagine! People are speculating, taking sides, creating all types of narratives! Also, if you choose to be completely private with this aspect of your life, does it mean you’re hiding something? Why wouldn’t you want everyone to witness your happiness? Also, why can society accept people can indeed break up? Nothing is eternal and certainly not relationships. So people might outgrow each other and might not have anything in common after a while. So instead of being bitter about it and making each other miserable, they part their separate ways. Why do we act it was a death announcement? I want answers.

When social media is a big part of most people’s lives, it is up to each person to choose what they post or not because there might be consequences you wouldn’t expect. Relationships are complicated, and I commend anyone brave enough to live them publicly. Also, can we normalize separations this year? It might also be friendships if you wish. There is still love, affection, and respect, but it might be time to let go 🤷🏾‍♀️! And you’ll know if it is the case, however, Admitting it to yourself might not be the same.

PS: is it still a pandemic, or am I tripping? Why are we acting like Omicron is not running the streets!

5 thoughts on “Do we deserve to know?

  1. Nice point of view. Thank you for this release. The problem, I think, is that people get famous sharing good moments of their relationships so when it comes to break up. The fans need an explanation. Personnally I think it’s part of the pros and cons for public figures. The healthiest thing to do is trying to get your popularity without involving your love story. It’s not always about love. There are a lot of other topics you can share.

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