Make it work, and Shush 🤐 !

Between Rihanna’s pregnancy, Nicki back on the music scene, and Tinder Swindler, the girls are extra busy! Some states are even lifting mask restrictions while new variants have been discovered, but who cares at this point 🙊! People want to be on the streets free as a kite! Oh, it’s also Valentine’s Day weekend, but one more time, who cares? Whether you celebrate it or not and whatever your reasons might be, it is your choice, don’t impose them on someone else.

Love is a beautiful thing, anyway, according to the thousands of books I’ve read over the years and now listen to… Shout out to Audible 😁! It requires sacrifices, compromises, a good look, and a little bit of chance. Now, if you have a fat bank account, it works even better 😉. I do not make the rules; also, forget princess Fiona and whoever else went in another direction. The recipes might slightly vary, but the base remains the same. Love is indeed a beautiful thing.

Relationships, on the other hand, might not be so attractive. Those might require manipulation, white lies, gaslighting, some forms of abuse, social status, certain skin tone, and dominance. Try adding some love into the mix and make it works. There is no recipe! I don’t know if being happy is on the table, but you better get you a person and fit into society’s expectations. No one cares if you’re crumbling inside; pose for this cute IG picture and keep it moving.

If you refuse to settle because of your expectations, people might become uncomfortable around you. They don’t understand why you think having it all is even a possibility. You’re not that special! More than 50% of their expectations have never been reached, and here they are! So suck it up and get into the program. It’s a fake it until you make type of thing. No one know can’t predict how far they’ll go or if they are on track, but they are on the program and your unwillingness to do so makes them question themselves, and they don’t want to.

PS: I’m now on the program of being financially responsible and I don’t like it 😤😤😤!!!!!

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