Welcome to SophieJ-Life Experiences

Hello to you, you, you and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a young girl, reading and writing have always been my passion. My mother working in a bookstore for more than 20 years has probably more credit than I for these hobbies. Furthermore, playing outside became a challenge when my parents discovered that I had allergic reactions to different types of pesticides used in some grasses and other soils. I still remember the penicillin vaccines…. story for another day. Anyway, reading became my personal escape moment when my friends were playing outside. My writing habits came later, and I discovered that I enjoy communicating my thoughts this way rather than saying them out loud. I am not shy, and I enjoy interesting conversations, but people cannot cut me off when I’m writing. So, this blog is my way to communicate my thoughts about life, experiences, fears and everyday life issues!!!!!! I hope to keep the sensitive subjects light and fun!

I want to have your opinions also, so I expect you to subscribe and chat with me…. I hope there will be something specific for YOU and we will resonate together.

I will be writing some of my posts in French also, and why not Haitian Creole! Black, young and Educated…. Yes it is what it is….

We will be talking about dating, motherhood, social issues, money problems, moving, immigration, food choices….. you got it!

PS: Thanks to my daddy aka “Ton Fleurio” for sponsoring this blog, even though our thoughts are not always compatible…… Boomer and Millennial issues.