Self care is the best care…. 🥰

What do you do to for yourself ?

At least once a week, I tried to do something for just myself. Not because I’ll gain anything specific from it, but because I need and want to. Sometimes, it doesn’t cost anything, but other times it might be expensive…. 🤷🏾‍♀️! It makes me happy so what?

We live in a world where we’re expecting to be on the move 24/7. Always on to the next thing. We want it now, and we want it to be perfect. Those lifestyle might be sources of stress about things we don’t even realize because we expect so much from ourselves.

So, I tried to do something for me and enjoy the moment. It doesn’t matter what it is and most of all, it doesn’t have to include anyone else than me. It might be a facial routine, a foot mask, deep scrubbing my skin or just listening to 99% anomaly podcast. Man!!! Those girls make me laugh so much!!!! I always feel rejuvenated, learned, or just got another point about an interesting subject. Other days, I might feel catching up on the real housewives on Bravo TV… Nothing else than living through other people’s drama….. 😂😂🤣

The point is, do you stop and check on yourself? Do you listen to your body and try to accommodate it? Are you conscious of yourself in the moment or do you just let things happen. Or…. are you afraid of what the answer might be if you do a self check? Trust me, we are all busy, no matter where we are in life and our journeys are different, but we all deserve to ourselves to sometimes take a quick break and do a check up. The most important thing to you should be your well-being no matter what you might think.

PS: if I tell you I’m broke and you meet me at Starbucks drinking a $5 latte with my fashion nova outfit and a fanmdjanm headwrap on…. mind your business….. it’s called priorities 😎😎😎 I’m broké…. not broke.

3 thoughts on “Self care is the best care…. 🥰

  1. Sometimes we just forget to live. Nous sommes encombrés, des tâches à accomplir, des responsabilités etc. D’un coup, le surmenage prend le dessus et le corps nous fait un rappel qui peut coûter très cher. Une pause de temps en temps ça fait du bien.
    Merci So😘


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