Better in the Sun!

Scrolling through social media as one does, and saw some interesting videos about friends going on trips together and coming back, enemies. Going back on Twitter and seeing a trend about it helped me understand why that could happen. I am happy to share with y’all since summer is coming, and you might be planning … More Better in the Sun!

Adjustments Needed

I have been MIA for so many weeks here, and I am genuinely sorry. I have to reduce certain activities because it is so difficult to juggle life. Between practicum, school, and work, I am exhausted! I struggle to maintain a healthy routine in my life at this moment. I am tired, irritated, and quickly … More Adjustments Needed

Double Tranchant.

Complète transparence: j’aime ma foi et je sais en qui je crois. Donc, pas la peine de m’envoyer des e-mails ou versets bibliques après avoir lu ce poste. Ceci dit, si vous ressentez la moindre inconvénience, s’il vous plaît, prenez soin de vous. Je ne sais pas par ou commencer mais j’espère arriver quelque part … More Double Tranchant.

Peaceful State

I’ve taken a long break from the blog and quite frankly I needed to! I don’t ever want this writing space to become a burden or feeling pressure to post. However, I missed sharing my thoughts and feelings with you all! Let’s catch up a little bit, shall we? I celebrated a birthday! Big one! … More Peaceful State

Projet: Bien Être

Depuis que j’ai pris en charge mon bien être, tout va pour le mieux. Petit à petit, j’ai compris que nos attentes sont souvent à la base de nos déceptions. Du coup, je limite les miennes et j’accepte la réalité pour ce qu’elle est. Je ne suis pas blasée, non! Je crois en l’humanité, aux … More Projet: Bien Être

Work in Progress

Let me start by saying that I applaud everyone in relationships, regardless of your reasons or what you choose to put up with. Being with someone else is hard work! Now, are you doing 70/30 or 50/50? What’s the right balance? Is it 100/100? What’s your breaking point? Where do you draw the line? Do … More Work in Progress