Healing System

What is your definition of family? I’ve shared mine with you if you recall, and bloodline was not a prominent factor in my understanding of what it is! This means you can open or close doors to those you don’t want in your life. You might think it is difficult because you’ve known them all … More Healing System

Sou Wout la

Nou bezwen lòt moun bò kote nou, pa vre? Men pouki yo relasyon yo difisil konsa? Eske se metòd kominikasyon ki pa menm oswa nou pa pran tan konprann sa nou tande yo? Gen moun ki viv sou vayb ak anvi yo nan moman an. M ta renmen konsa men non! Mwen bezwen plan A, … More Sou Wout la

Raising Bars!

We already know that when it comes to dating, the bar is in hell, literally. But every single day, something else makes me cringe when it comes to heterosexual relationships. But sis, if you want to blame him, pause and turn around… isn’t it his mama’s fault also? Please don’t even try to come for … More Raising Bars!

Angoisse Scolaire

C’est presque la fin de cet été et je ne ressens aucune excitation pour la rentrée scolaire. Serais je fatiguée du programme de maîtrise ? Est-ce travaillé à Compass me manque? Durant les années précédentes, j’ai assisté dans une crèche pour les tout petits, et bien que l’ambiance me manque, je ne suis pas fâchée … More Angoisse Scolaire

Priorities in Chaos

You know you’re bad when you can pose from any angle! Hulu played the barbs last night at the Essence festival!!!! They announced Nicki’s performance would be live, which convinced so many fans to subscribe, and then minutes before the queen got on stage, Angela Ye said it wouldn’t be live-streamed anymore!!!!!! What!!!!! ???? Oh, … More Priorities in Chaos

Millennial Friendship

To which extent should we support our friend? If there are limits, what are the healthy ones? Should our friends expect us to have their back in any situation automatically, or is there room for discussion? Should these convos be private, or do we address them immediately, no matter how and when? Maybe we should … More Millennial Friendship