Raising Bars!

We already know that when it comes to dating, the bar is in hell, literally. But every single day, something else makes me cringe when it comes to heterosexual relationships. But sis, if you want to blame him, pause and turn around… isn’t it his mama’s fault also? Please don’t even try to come for … More Raising Bars!

50/50 Regiment

If your only thoughts on marriage are based on love and happiness, this might not be the text for you. However, if you interact with this blog, you should know better. With that being said, let’s have a conversation. What are the benefits of marriage for a cisgender woman? When have women in general gotten … More 50/50 Regiment

Do we deserve to know?

Suppose you don’t have Tiktok, man! What are you waiting for!!!!???? Seriously, this app is it! Anyhow, there are different sides of tiktok and I happen to be on the one for gorgeous gorgeous girl! Well the community almost crumbled this past week when one of their favorite couples announced their breakup. For weeks now, … More Do we deserve to know?