Raising Bars!

We already know that when it comes to dating, the bar is in hell, literally. But every single day, something else makes me cringe when it comes to heterosexual relationships. But sis, if you want to blame him, pause and turn around… isn’t it his mama’s fault also? Please don’t even try to come for me! And don’t start with the “not all men” excuses. We’ve heard it all.

One of my biggest fear is to raise a son who could potentially be becoming a misogynist !!!! Jesus, please take the wheel !!!! Imagine him starting a podcast, in my basement or on an air mattress-type apartment, degrading women, especially black women, talking about his adoration for yellow bones or white women!!!! While I might not care about who he chooses to date, why put down a group to justify your preference? We’ll talk about « pick me » again, one trauma at a time! Imagine him not caring for his kids and bashing their mother left and right! Imagine him refusing to collaborate on house chores because he is an alpha male!!!!! Am I talking to someone, please!!!!!!! Yes, we are preaching! Imagine your beloved son not helping his wife who just gave birth to their child because he is the « provider » and belittles her effort because she is a stay-at-home mom! Since I’m the Caribbean, imagine him having multiple broken homes with the justification that he takes care of all of them; therefore, there is no wrong in this!!!!! Imagine this while you’re allowing everything to your son because « he’s a man » while martyring your daughter!

There is a rise of lonely single men, while child-free and unmarried women are the happiest. I wonder Whyyyyyyy 😌😌😌???? So, men can no longer use their financial power anymore to impress women since the bare minimum of being a decent human being is not enough for the ladies who finally are freeing themselves from the idea of being married and having kids as « social status.» What a moment to be alive! Whenever I think about becoming a potential « stay at home anything,» my Amazon account, eating outside expenses, and skincare products budgets, I wake myself up and complain on my way to the moneymaking place 😒. I don’t see myself explaining to any significant other that I needed another mug or a $40 niacinamide serum! So, I pick my struggle and keep it moving!

It’s 2022, and I choose happiness over perfection! I’m not putting myself in boxes and letting others do it, either! We listen to trap music, read scientific articles, and drink tea and wine! We are uplifting ourselves, cutting toxic ties, and clearing our skins! Is it hard? Absolutely! Have you seen the news? We can do our best and promise ourselves to try again! Evolving doesn’t have an expiration date, and that’s the beauty of it! Just do your best friend! Even what you feel is not enough is your best sometimes! And that’s okay too!

PS: Pumpkin spice latte season is almost back but so is seasonal depression! Can’t we just win???!!!!!

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