50/50 Regiment

If your only thoughts on marriage are based on love and happiness, this might not be the text for you. However, if you interact with this blog, you should know better. With that being said, let’s have a conversation.

What are the benefits of marriage for a cisgender woman? When have women in general gotten any compensation in a relationship with men? Besides a title and feeling of superiority over those who did not experience the loss of their last name, what did being in a heterosexual relationship do for women? Especially in this century. Financial stability? Where and when? If married and have children, everything man worked for is expected to benefit his offspring. If the couple didn’t share children, his family almost wants to fight his wife for anything he might have, except his debts, so what gets back to the woman legally married? God forbid husbands or children become ills; it’s probably because of women’s fault. She either did not take care of them or focused on her career instead of her family.

Ask Snow White’s stepmom, and she can testify! The king died and did leave a single acre to her! So she is supposed to pack her bags and go home? Tamar had to trick her father-in-law into pregnancy to inherit anything! She was sent back to her family after her awful husband’s death, without considering her years of suffering from this man. Let’s get real! Should we mention Ruth and Orpah? I understand Naomi was broke but would the girls have been sent back if they were mothers? I’m trying to understand the hype about marriage if women don’t get anything from it! Ohhhhh, it was not meant for that. Now I get it. You can pause and look for the origin of marriage if you want clarity and come back. I’ll wait.

For those who are under the 50/50 regiment, how does that work for you? So you pay half of everything, then come home after work, expect to cook, clean, take care of children, cater to the partner, and be available? Or is it more that you give 150 and an illusion of independence. Please, I am not trying to be smart with you or anything. I’m just looking for answers. In the 50/50 regiment, who must take off if a child is sick? And who must know all information about schools, doctors, birthdays, allergies? Once again, the goal of this conversation is understanding, so please enlighten us!

So, no matter the position in family dynamics, women are expected to care for and tend to others. So besides maybe, passenger status, what do they get if the financial compensation is not worth it? If you feel mentioning companionship or shared interests, even partnership, I can understand. However, what are the odds of winning?

PS: there’s a special place on the other side for professors who enjoy torturing students. Sliding right down Lil Nas X’s shiny pole!

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