Drowning? Me too.

It’s the final week! I am beyond exhausted, and at that point where I’m feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed at the exact moment! Seriously why is the Spring semester so long! Professors and students seem to be hanging by a thread on the verge of a breakdown. My energy level being on saver mode, I can barely hold a three minutes conversation if the topic isn’t light or familiar. No new stressors are needed, and the automatic pilot is activated. What’s worse and more significant, in my opinion, is that everyone around me is also going through it! So I feel validated and not supported while trying to understand and work it out. The struggle is real!

Then I realize something that I want to share with you, aren’t these the consequences of being in flight/fight mode for so long? There is no stability around us, no matter where you are! While every company and local authorities lift masks and Covid protocols, the news is opposite to what they’re reporting. The political situation in a particular part of Europe has heavy consequences on the economy worldwide, and we cannot anticipate the end of it or fully understand what’s happening. Then I expect my body to work at the same rhythm without adjusting my expectations—an impossible Mission.

So, what should we do? I’m assuming that we’re all feeling drained, terrified, and done with this situation. I try to maintain a routine to be under the impression that I have some sense of control. I removed or ignored anything that could cause extra stress unless I needed it daily. I make a list of small priorities… I don’t take on new projects or anything looking unusual. If you know me personally, this last part will seem extremely strange or hard to believe, but it is what it is. I had to stop, evaluate the situation and make necessary changes to my go go go mentality or burn out.

I wonder how individuals in helping professions are living through this! You are being affected by what’s happening, and keep on moving because you don’t have the luxury to stop! How do they process all this if they do? It reminds me to be compassionate towards those around me, even though it’s hard, especially if you are at your breaking point. Practicing kindness has never been so hard! But I chose to be gentle to myself, try not to overreact, and apologize if I sense a line was crossed. It’s a simple project.

PS: Please be done by 9:30 if you invite me anywhere.

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