Inflation, the new side piece?

2022 is out here breaking couples, man! That’s rough! You have to look for red flags, hidden misogyny, pick me, now inflation too! Stay safe all of you!

This week on blown off, a couple broke up because the girl had to move back to her parents’ house since her rent got raised by $700 and her boyfriend of six months did not offer her to move with him!!!!! Yikes!!! What’s going NY!!!!! Things are so hard that couples who share rents cannot break up even if the relationship is over. It is becoming impossible to leave unless you are the therapist presented by a classmate, who charges 450 for 50 minutes. It is ridiculous how much everything is expensive, but there’s no changes in my paycheck!

Hi, Speaking of our previous couple, is there a wrong or right choice? Should he have invited her to move in if he does not want to? He said he’s not ready for such a big step in the relationship, and she should respect that. She thinks she cannot count on him because he disappointed her by not extending the invitation! She even said that some people get married less than six months into a relationship. While I understand both sides, I don’t know who’s right or wrong. I don’t even think that’s an option. This is his apartment, and he shouldn’t be forced into inviting his girlfriend over because she’s getting evicted.

We do things often in the name of love without fully understanding the implications they might bring. One might say the girl is suitable for calling it off since her expectations are not met, but once again, were they ever discussed? What type of conversations did they have over those six months regarding their relationship? I don’t believe in being a ride or die just because of feelings! I’ve watched Empire! And yes, Lucius was wrong for letting his wife take the blame for both their faults, but Cookie agreed to it because she thought Lucius would hold her down! Again, expectations non discussed can often bring disappointment! Why are we afraid of difficult conversations? Shouldn’t they be the foundation of any relationship? Especially if you decide to include the state and the church in them!

No matter how much you love and want someone, it could never be enough to build anything! Jesus himself loved the church to give his life for it, and you’ve seen those “Christians” out there. Do you think you can top that? Being in a relationship should not stop you from considering your needs and desires in the name of a sacrifice you might not have signed for. Also, people change! We should be willing to reintroduce ourselves to our partners once our needs vary based on where we are in life! But, we don’t like discussing. We attribute it to arguing and bickering when it does not have to be.

PS: I don’t discuss anything with people I don’t know or care about. Not in this economy.

4 thoughts on “Inflation, the new side piece?

  1. Why did he have to invite her into his personal space if he wasn’t ready? If she wasn’t getting evicted or if she could afford the rent, would she have still wanted to live with him?
    Why is she condemning him? I am big on personal space. It might Be the reason why I agree with him. But as you said, did they even discuss that. Everything was perfect until something happened to Her. Shady if I can say it😕🤨

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