Better in the Sun!

Scrolling through social media as one does, and saw some interesting videos about friends going on trips together and coming back, enemies. Going back on Twitter and seeing a trend about it helped me understand why that could happen. I am happy to share with y’all since summer is coming, and you might be planning … More Better in the Sun!

Peaceful State

I’ve taken a long break from the blog and quite frankly I needed to! I don’t ever want this writing space to become a burden or feeling pressure to post. However, I missed sharing my thoughts and feelings with you all! Let’s catch up a little bit, shall we? I celebrated a birthday! Big one! … More Peaceful State

Millennial Friendship

To which extent should we support our friend? If there are limits, what are the healthy ones? Should our friends expect us to have their back in any situation automatically, or is there room for discussion? Should these convos be private, or do we address them immediately, no matter how and when? Maybe we should … More Millennial Friendship

Who are your friends?

How do choose your friends? Does anyone have access to this title? With the ascension of social media, connecting with people around the world has become very easy. Most countries also maintain decent diplomatic relations between them so, it is also possible to move and discover other cultures. If you have the ability to speak … More Who are your friends?

Ce que vous pensez savoir…..

Je ne suis pas sûr de cela…… mais 🙄🙃😏 Combien de fois un/une de vos proches vous ont raconté leur version d’une histoire qui s’est révélée totalement faussée quelques temps après? Même s’ils n’ont past voulu vous induire volontairement en erreur, parfois ce partage d’informations aurait pu causer des dommages irréversibles. Scary, right? Parce que … More Ce que vous pensez savoir…..

Messenger….. Yep, Delete!

C’est quoi le projet? 🙄 Récemment une amie a exposé une série de textes assez troublants “d’admirateurs” sur différents réseaux sociaux. Tout de suite, plus de 20 autres amies ont commenté, révélant des expériences similaires. Ce qui m’a surtout intéressé est le fait qu’elles étaient toutes contre ces attentions et que “ces admirateurs” semblaient tous … More Messenger….. Yep, Delete!