Peaceful State

I’ve taken a long break from the blog and quite frankly I needed to! I don’t ever want this writing space to become a burden or feeling pressure to post. However, I missed sharing my thoughts and feelings with you all! Let’s catch up a little bit, shall we?

I celebrated a birthday! Big one! New decade type of thing, haha! I have to be honest, I was preoccupied, and felt like I had to reevaluate myself. So I did! While it is not the recommended thing to do, it was somehow helpful walking into this new era. I scheduled most of my doctors’ appointments, started therapy, and downloaded an app about health, fitness, and mindful eating. I also finalized my internship schedule, visited the site, met with the supervisors, and even had my first client scheduled. I am excited but also nervous since I don’t know what to expect! I’ve been preparing for this day, and quite frankly, I am still not remotely ready!

On the brighter side, I’ve completed my first year working as a humanitarian! Besides being overworked and traumatized, the experience is incredibly fulfilling. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for having a secure roof and planned meals! It seems so simple when you have them that you might realize, they are others biggest struggles! I also become more relaxed and let things go by without stressing as much as I would in the past! If you think about it, you’ll realize that it is never that serious! So, I go to bed lighter, and I work on my emotions. Even when I could get mad or be petty, I choose not to. I cannot control someone’s else actions, but I certainly can control my reactions.

I’ve started this new year in a peaceful state of mind! What is meant to be will be, and what is not won’t! I hope to get great insights during my therapy sessions and that I can afford eggs and healthier food options. Because, have you tried grocery shopping lately? No matter what I choose or where I shop, prices are excruciating for my humble pockets! I also pray more, especially asking for patience, wisdom, and a flat stomach! Hahaha! My priorities are in order! I also want to more yes to enjoyment! No to whatever won’t serve me and trying new things! I’m also up for new friendships if it feels right. I I don’t want the theatrics or any drama! Let’s all be peacefully great together type of vibes.

Thank you for a great 2022. Let’s go into this new year with purpose and not let seasonal depression have the best of us! And if one day doesn’t go according to plans, we always have the following day to try again!

PS: I need sponsors for grocery shopping! I cannot do it! $8 for eggs!!!! Nahhhhhh fam!

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