Soft Generation or Trauma Fighter?

A viral video on TikTok of a woman complaining about millennials and gen z. You’re probably okayyyyyy; what’s new? But hear me out; she stated the reason why so many of us are in therapy is that we soft. We’re popping anxiety pills and can’t get our lives together. How convenient, right? Meanwhile, all of us are in therapies because of generational trauma and the state of our world! Now make it makes sense! Always take care of yourself if you feel triggered by any of these topics.

As generations, we have suffered from poor decisions made by boomers! Who’s in charge right now? Who turned racist, sexist, and homophobic thoughts and opinions into laws? No, but let’s talk about it!!!!! We went from one crisis to another, and a younger version of me remembers all I had to live through my parents! And you’re not only affected by what is happening in your home country when you are from a third-world category! “Developed” allies are constantly interfering with your politics only in ways that benefit them! Furthermore, it is not an odd thing that our generation is signing in mass at the FTK association. We, as older siblings, had to step in and raise children that were not ours! Now let’s be honest, who do you call when something happens in your life, parents or older siblings? Oh, okayyyyyy, that’s what I thought!

So, of course, as oppressed millennials, we taught our siblings to have a voice and to stand up for themselves! Boomers are like: I was beaten as a child, my parents forced me to do this and that and all those horrific things to only turn around and say, well, I turned out fine. Sir, Miss Ma’am!!!! You are barely functional! You can’t have a conversation and compromise when things don’t go your way, and our economic, political, and social state of the world is in chaos! So, yes, millennials and GenZ are tired!

We don’t want to punish our kids physically, but this gentle parenting is eating us up! We don’t want our entire personality to be our career choice! We don’t want to be strangers to our kids or for them to resent us because they have to go to therapy. We shouldn’t have to explain why we care for our mental health and being in touch with ourselves! I made a conscious effort not to be a victim nor accept bullying from older relatives and family friends. I’m in therapy because your generation did not unpack the trauma of racism, colorism, classism, religion, and patriarchy in your lives.

Am I highly bothered? Yes, I am because this lack of accountability from the older generation is a gaslighting tool! We are constantly self-doubting ourselves and the things we should accomplish. Is it hurtful? Ask yourself how you feel every time your feeling are downplayed or pushed to the side. We have to act on it so my nephews and nieces don’t have to again deal with all of this trauma.

PS: to whoever created after pay, you are my hero and downfall simultaneously, but it is lovely!

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