What do you mean the expresso machine is broken?

Can we talk about coffee dependency ?

When is drinking coffee, too much coffee. Or when does it become an issue? Or is it really about quantity? Because I know someone who just need a tiny cup of coffee to go but who could also have the biggest tantrum if this divine liquid is not provided. So when should we be concerned about these habits taken over our lives?

If you are in the mental field, please don’t come for me….. but, shouldn’t coffee dependency covered by insurance companies as possible issues that we could have? Because if we absolutely have to get coffee to be functional, doesn’t that ring a bell? Okay, you might say, no because we can quit it whenever we want to. Hold on, how long have you actually gone without caffeine and not feeling irritable, or not having the biggest migraine? I even read a quote about about coffee saying: “I don’t drink coffee for me, but for you, because I’m afraid of what could happen if I have to support you without support”. Hilarious!!!!! But still alarming if you ask me.

Listen! I’m not telling anyone what to do! But I personally knew that I had a problem years ago when the smell of grind coffee could soothe my headache better than Advil. That’s when my dad had to intervene and tried his best to help a girl out. Did it work?….. that’s besides the point….😎, but let’s take a moment to acknowledge this big elephant in the room.

If you are nothing like those grown people trowing tamper tantrums in the coffee shops because the expresso machine is not working, or because they don’t have their favorite flavor of cream. You might want to do a self check to see how it’s going. Again, if you are totally incapable of forming a complete sentence in the morning before that coffee….. or if you are turning into a complete stranger to yourself and people around you….. oh if you have to apologize to people for your behavior because of lack of caffeine. Well, you do what best for you…. Maybe you need a bigger cup of coffee 🤷🏾‍♀️! You deal with those people, not me!

PS: I don’t care how thirsty you are, don’t drink certain types of coffee …. Dessalines did not fight for that!

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