Silent Crushes

Why did they talk?

Some crushes should never say a word and leave our poor souls wandering about them. I mean it! Have you ever had a crush on someone and they started talking and all your hope got destroyed? This is terrible man! There should be a fund to help people who have had those experiences….. paying for massages and online shopping. Yesssss, it is that serious.

We’re all have our preferences but one of my biggest peeves regarding a potential crush is bad grammar! That is definitely a complete turnoff. It could also be a sexist comment about women’s intelligence, body, or achievement. OMG! Hell no! Let’s not even started on comments on how many shoes someone needs.

I don’t know why people are so secretive about having crushes. It does not mean you would leave your actual partner for that person! There’s only one Edris Alba anyway 🤷🏾‍♀️!!! They don’t even have to be your usual type! You need a reason for why it’s happening and for how long it could last. It should be fun and easy. It always amazed me how average men on the internet go completely out of their way to insult women who are gushing under the picture of a celebrity male figure. Meanwhile, women couldn’t care less about them getting crazy over hot models on the gram. I wonder why 😏….

So what do you do when your crush in one sentence destroys your imaginary life? Do you call them out or just move on to the next best thing? Do you think some crushes should only stay the imagination and never become a reality? Do you lose interest once you get to know them and all the fantasy go away? I mean…. if you get the chance and their grammar is perfect, they are not sexist and don’t think you could never have too much shoes….. I want answers…..

PS: Crediting your sources for their works is always the best thing to do. A friend’s crush wrote a chapter of Songs of Songs to her and did not give credit to Solomon…… It went bad 😬😬😬

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