Inexplicable Addiction

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Sometimes, I ask myself: « why do you keep doing the same thing over and over knowing what the consequences will be? » They’ve been bad before so what’s the point? So far, I don’t have a specific answer. Addictions can be anything, for some of us it’s coffee at 9 p.m while browsing shoes for hours. It could also mean that one person whose contact information has been deleted more than 20 times and blocked on all social media… for numerous reasons…

How many have we judged other people’s addictions while incapable to face our own? No mater what it might be, it’s just not easy to let it go! However, I wonder what might attract us to the same things, people, behaviors, stores, food, places, time and time again. Is it the immediate blissful sensation? Does it make us feel alive? There must be something that missing and found just there at that exact moment or with this special person making all the consequences worthy or supportable.

We might sometimes do things out of spite, but generally our actions are guided by feelings of love. Love of Self, power, people, fame, money, soulmate, friends…. if we are the splitting image of God and he is love… no wonder why we’re obsessed with feelings and emotions! I’ve read that we go back to the things that we know either consciously or not because they make us feel safe. Could it the same thing with our addictions?

The first step to recovery is to recognize there is an issue… and to look for help. There is no shame on taking care of yourself no matter what needs to be done. However, we might not want to get well! What if this addictive thing keeps us from losing grip on reality? Somehow keeps us sane? I know that sounds completely crazy, but I came to the realization that the complexities of human life are sometimes inexplicable. So, trying to logically understand certain things just makes them way more complicated. That’s also why I keep drinking my cold and hot coffee back to back while shopping for more shoes. I don’t try to understand anymore.

PS: I’ve never understood arguing with total strangers on the internet… why? And for free? Chile🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

4 thoughts on “Inexplicable Addiction

  1. I like your text . Sometimes you just feel like we are in jail. And it’s difficult to go out. But as you said, there is a way, always.
    Thanks Bella

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  2. Congratulations Chica! I always like your texts. And you’re right.
    It’s really hard to face our own addiction even we know how bad they are.
    It’s more difficult to face out or leave them.

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