Torture or Celebration?

So, let’s talk weddings celebrations, shall we?

This weekend I had the privilege of accompanying a lucky couple who decided to exchange their vows publicly and promised each other so many things that I can’t start to enumerate. First, congrats to them for being so brave and good luck for the future.

Even though, as my dad jokingly reminded me, I do not enjoy being in a wedding cortege and I refused many of them for the last ten years, I will be one more time immortalized in some awkward pictures. Based on past experiences, they cost more than planned, usually I end up with an expensive one time outfit. Also, because I love uncomfortable shoes, I would also endure pain for at least two days later. Growing up, I did so many weddings cortege that as soon as I had a say so regarding my participation, I declined them as quickly as possible. However, here I am, seven years after my last one renewing with the past, lol.

I found weddings overrated. I understand the importance of the commitment but all the stress created for one day is unmatched. The anxiety level built up for these four to five hours is so high that most grooms and brides testified later on they could barely enjoy their actual moments. So why putting this amount of pressure on yourself, worrying about relatives reactions who you don’t even know or like most of the time?

One of my friends lost fifty pounds between her engagement ceremony and the wedding day! All stress related! And speaking of losing weight, why is it so much pressure on people who are in the cortege to look slimmer ? No wonder why bridezilla stories exist, hungry people cannot be happy. Hear me out, if you’re marrying a partner who fall in love with your soul, body type and humor, so what’s the deal of reinventing yourself for one day? Another friend confessed that growing up people would tell her that she could have been in so many corteges if she was not this “chubby”, because she had the perfect face. How insensitive!!!! Ruining a child confidence for you to have “perfect pictures”? Congrats on securing your spot in Hades kingdom, hope you enjoy the heat.

PS: Its 2021, the wedding garter tradition needs to go, literally.

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