Breeze or Suffocation

Have you ever written a text message more than three times because you were so afraid of the possible reaction to it? Or having a panic attack before meeting with someone? Some relationships are so difficult to entertain that maintaining them deserves an award. So why trying to keep up with the Joneses? Maybe it is time to move on even though tomorrow seems terrifying without them! If you’re constantly arguing with someone rather than enjoying their company, you don’t need a divine sign to cut them off! I respectfully won’t comfort my friends over the same situation more than three times! Therapy, Ice Coffee, Shopping, go ahead, babe!

Meanwhile, some other people just make you happy to the extent that it’s not humanly possible to describe. Catching sight of them gets you in a better mood and brightens your entire demeanor, no matter what you’re going through. This is what life is about! Good relationships and having fun! Problems will find you anyway, no matter what you do, so why creating them! I don’t enjoy conflicts; however, if an explanation is needed to clear up a misunderstanding, I’m most of the time down with it. However, I cannot be tiptoeing around someone who is in my inner circle! Unless you’re a pregnant woman in her third trimester, a toddler, or a teenager because everyone should be utterly terrified of them!

Why wouldn’t you value the people who make you feel significant and celebrated? There’s another category, the ones that make you feel so uncomfortable but not necessarily in a creepy way. I am not talking about those “relatives” whose teenage nieces have to be fully dressed in their presence or the ones making sexually inappropriate jokes. We all know they’ll slide down heads first on Lil Nas X’s pole. I am talking about that one person who provokes in you painful emotions. Thinking about them, twist your stomach to the point you can’t feel your breath! You become indecisive, should run from them or to them. You’re all ears to your surroundings; sensations never felt before grow into you. Is it what parents experience when they meet their newborn for the very first time? Feeling so much pain and joy at the exact moment? This is literally terrifying, and I respectfully do not want any part of it.

PS: Are you also tired of the 24/7 hours grinding lifestyle? I want to be successful but also enjoy a whole night’s sleep.

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