Drained but grateful

I’m turning … years in one day, and it feels heavy 

I don’t expect anything special for this birthday—the second one ruined by Covid anyway in a row. I just want to know why is the panorama so thirsty for attention?! Now there is a brand new variant, and it’s not playing! Speaking of presents, I usually get something from my preferred job, but I quit this December. Compasses community, I won’t be a stranger, I promise.

I don’t know why I am so sad, or if there are too many reasons so I can’t choose from even one of them. With the rising numbers, we probably are facing a second lockdown. I don’t know if I can do it without turning insane. The remote class experience was terrible, and I’m not looking forward to it again. I could barely focus, and the isolation was draining. So no hoorah 2022 over here.

Did you make any new year’s resolutions? I didn’t, but I have such clear ideas on what I would like to accomplish this year, if possible, of course. Nowadays, I’m all about adjusting, whether it’s friendship, relationship, or personal plans. I keep my eye on the objective, but I modify the methods as I proceed. 

One thing for sure is to learn more about myself and become more educated on what matters to me., equality, systemic racism, prejudices… the usual, or should I say « my usual .» I also intend on forgiving myself and others, but I don’t intend to forget. Let’s get it together!

This blog is different from the one I wrote last year on my birthday, but I guess it is where I am, and I’m taking it in. All aspects of my personality are essential, as well as my different identities. Nonetheless, I’m incredibly grateful! For new and old friends, for people who come and go, even for appreciation and rejection. I believe they all can be used in a way or another. No small sweating stuff!

What should I wish for you? Anything you need… but I would like us to be aware of ourselves and acknowledge every side of us. I hope we become upstanders and fight for what matters, human rights to exist in any shape, color, and expression of themselves. I hope we care even when there is nothing in it for us. I hope we become a better version yet! 

PS: Encanto on Disney + is 100 percent worth it! You’re welcome!

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