Learning Prevents

It’s the day after Christmas, so usually for the next eight days, we wouldn’t know what time it is or what to do….. oh wait! COVID Time, omicron is the only one in those streets! If you want to compete, your treat!

Being aware of other cultures and educating yourself on different customs is a struggle 😂😂😂! For a few years now, I only wish merry Christmas to people I know or who say it first. Because as I discovered living in a country where thousands of cultures and religions cohabit, Christmas is specifically Christian, and with nuances, because not everyone or religious groups who identified as Christians celebrate the world’s most famous holiday. So I say happy holidays since other celebrations are going on, and if someone rectifies by answering they don’t celebrate any of them, I kindly apologize and keep it in mind for next time. Simple, right?

Well, it should be the same for people’s identities. Why is it so hard for the majority to understand the needs of minorities? I am not only thinking about races or ethnicities, but gender, sexuality, SES, religion, immigration and anything else that might categorize an individual from any majority. If you’re confused about anyone’s identity, instead of being offended when asked to correct yourself, apologize and do your research. Don’t get offended. You might not know, but your refusal to learn is what rubs me the wrong way. And please, stop hiding this attitude with the “this generation is too sensitive” when most of you are the reason why we at some point have to go to therapy when you should be the one going.

I’m sorry if those texts are not reflecting the season, but wait, they are! It’s considered family time, so it is the best moment to learn and avoid hurting family members who fell into any minorities… You’re welcome 😉 ! it can be overwhelming to learn and adjust from what you were taught growing up, and it is perfectly fine to make mistakes; the primary key is to try again and better. Also, taking care of yourself while learning about others is essential. Please, remember that self-care is the best care because only you can understand what you need at every moment of the game.

I no longer have a set time limit for anything; I set up goals and revise them along the way, to each their preferred methods, as long as you do the work. So if you have never thought about your different identities or how to respect others’ identities, never too late, right?

PS: Kwanzaa starts today! I’m still learning about this African American celebration of life. What did you learn this year?

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