Perfect Gentlemen Ladies

 Where are the perfect men of the 21st century?????

You would think people have learned everything about the dating world now that we are in 2020 and that so many options are available. You can meet people in person, well, not so recommended with this virus running around but who does not like some excitement? If you are cautious, you still can meet people online, for long hours of conversation and FaceTiming. There are so many dating apps available, you could be blown away by the possibilities!!!!!!! If you are booked, busy, and a boujie girl who has no time to waste, there are some premium apps where you can be sure that people are there for the reasons they described in their bios…. A little lie here and there, but, once again, excitement!

 It is hard to find exactly the partner of your dream! I mean, the men factory is so complex!!!  Why can’t you find a faithful handsome successful 6ft, well 5’11 or 5’10 are perfectly acceptable also, athletic  black man in one place? Oh who can also cook, takes his spirituality seriously, super cleaned and great lover of course! Because all of the previous qualifications mentioned before mean nothing if he is a bad lover 🤷🏾‍♀️….. I mean…. why do women keep messing with fuck boys? It is because the fuck boys have understood how to get through the ladies’s hearts while men with potential are too busy laying down all their possessions not qualities… 

PS: All this thinking did give me a headache, I deserve some online shopping (yep, Corona time)….. probably shoes and a headwrap… they never disappoint… unlike… “suivez mon regard”.

Sophie J

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