Toxic People 


What is the reason to keep them around?


Before you read this, let me tell you that we all have a little toxicity somewhere in us. Maybe it is not affecting your relationships but we are all toxic in a way. With that being said, am I the only one who is TIRED of hearing: “well, it’s your uncle, or it’s your cousin” or “they have always been this way” to justify a toxic person’s actions???!!!!!


“Oh you’re tired of it too? Or are you the one saying it to others? Why do we accept so much from the toxic people around us and why do we wait so long to get rid of them? Because seriously, they are literally draining our energy and what they give back can’t definitely not pay for all what they take from us. If you are still doubting about who a toxic person is…. let a sister help you out….. you’re welcome.” 


If you have someone in your close circle who is judgmental, doesn’t own up to their actions, is inconsistent, to whom you always have to prove you are worthy, not care about what is important for you if it doesn’t fit their standards…. don’t look for anything else…. because that’s about it. They don’t have a specific age but they don’t grow up to be better. So an older toxic person was not too different at a young age. So, the question is: how do you keep loving those people?! Because they still have great potential and have good days but…. the bad ones win. No cap! 


From my perspective which should be different from yours…. we all have our personal glasses for life. I say you love them from far away if you don’t feel like calling them out on their behaviors. Because you cannot keep accepting them or you will burn out yourself! You’re taking the risks to end up in therapy at 50 years old for emotional abuse and crying at strangers funerals! 


PS: send me all the help to work on my toxic relationship with Uber Eats because it got me brokeeeeeeeeeeee ! This is not what I want…. but I like food… I don’t like cooking soooooo

See? toxic


Sophie J


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