Growing is Appealing.

CP: Olivier Gruener

I’ve always been that way….. is not an excuse to your behavior!

Recently, someone made a comment about another person’s body and when I pointed out how insensitive that sounded, instead of apologizing and learned from that experience, this individual went full defense mode and blamed it on his origin. …. Where I came from…. bla-bla-bla

How convenient, right? Why is it so easy to blame everything on everyone else, on the culture, or the devil even when he’s not paying us any mind? (Yes I used a masculine pronoun for devil 😎). Is it that hard to learn from our mistakes and move on? And please stop with that lame formule: “if you feel that way, I’m sorry”. This is not acknowledging anything or a real excuse! You did it or you did not do it! And if people let you know that their feelings have been hurt, be considerate, you don’t have to feel the same!

Accountability is important sis! It is sexy and powerful! People who refuse to be accountable are not the deal and you better start thinking about it! Just because something went wrong and you were in charge, does not change your character, but not taking accountability for it…. speaks volume. While we’re on the subject, buying expensive gifts to cover your sins…… are not it! (But you can still buy them anyways)

Some people usually shut down after they screw up, not addressing what happened, waiting for time to fix the problem. They usually disappear for a while and come back all smiles as if nothing ever happened. They remind me of this cat we had which used to vanish every time he’d done something wrong. We tried to educate him but changing was not on his program. So, one day…… dad took him to visit some friends and he never came back. #justsaying

Next time, you do something or someone let you know that you’ve hurt their feelings, pause for a moment , think about it and don’t look for an excuse other than what it is. Try to not blame it on someone or something else. It might be difficult in the moment, but, so will be the future if resentments keep accumulating. You don’t want to be remembered as the “douchebag” who refuse to learn and grow from the past mistakes.

PS: I’ve heard that some women are out there fighting over men who have no idea of what a moisturizer and lotion are…. Sis, come on!

Sophie J

2 thoughts on “Growing is Appealing.

  1. Apprendre à reconnaître ses torts, que l’on a offensé autrui n’est pas chose facile. Mais le simple fait d’admettre qu’on aurait pu faire ou dire autrement est déjà un pas vers le changement. Merci So😘
    I always appreciate your work


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