Prizes for raising your Child?

Oh my God, your dad drives you here? Wooooowwww!!????

I have questions people!!!!! Why are we praising men for doing the bare minimum? If you have met me for even five minutes, you know that I love my dad! We have a great relationship, he has been there my whole life, as he should! But what it is wrong with people not understanding that part?

It is normal for a man who have decided to have children to be there and participate 100% in the child’s life, anyway as much as possible. There is nothing special about it. The other way around is not what supposed to happen and we need, especially women, to stop idealizing men who are doing their work. They are not supposed to be deadbeat fathers people!!!! So stop the worshiping exercise when a man is collaborating with the mother of his child!

Oh the culture that you are bringing as argument, you can keep it! Because, it is possible to be and do better. Don’t use the damaging aspects of the culture to excuse people who should have no respect by society when they consciously choose to abandon their responsibilities. As women, we allowed so much things to these men that they don’t realize that doing the bare minimum is nothing. I want to quote Kev on Stage and say: “men want credit for being fish that are swimming”, pathetic.

I do understand when you are around people who don’t take their responsibilities, you tend to give credit to that one person who does it, because it looks special, when it the norm. So, about educating those young men to be respectful to themselves and to respect other people! And please ladies, raise the bar!!!!! Come on sis! You know you can do and deserve better!

PS: Being born with a vagina does not come with pre-abilities for housekeeping works. Shocking????!!!! Yep! And if you can’t take care of yourself, guess what? You’ve been kind of set up for failure 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️! Yeah…. dependance…..

2 thoughts on “Prizes for raising your Child?

  1. Respect for you Girl. I learned a lot from my father. The thing, I always remember and you come on my mind, it’s to believe on my brain and not my body. I was at school.
    Father and mother have to contribute to raise their children.


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