Powerless Or Responsible?

A storm and a tornado, the very same moment!!!!! I have never been so scared to be on the road! When I tell you that your girl went through it this past Wednesday!!! No Joke. So, miss Ida which was in Louisiana, decided to do a quick run to the Northeast! The population in NY and NJ got hit real hard; meanwhile, only her tail got there. According to the news, there were missing people for days, thousands of cars were stuck on the road, totaled, and flooded houses in most counties. Talk about a surprise! But, is it?

I read several newspaper articles following the event, and most of them focused on how complicated the subsequent natural disasters will be for the next years. Because, even though environmental experts have been raising those concerns for decades, we still refuse as a worldwide population to take the necessary steps to save ourselves! Do we think saving the planet only applies to animals and plants, as the only species risking extinction😂😂😂😂😂😂??? I should be crying, but I laugh instead! Coping skills 😌😌😌.

Whenever I hear someone turning this issue into a political thing, I gently remove myself from the situation. Unless wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, which are hitting everywhere harder each time, leaving thousands of people homeless, decide to form a political party, I will not be discussing climate change as a part of a political agenda… #keepittoyourself. We could do so many things as communities to help ameliorate life conditions, but we instead enjoy “fake comfort” and breathing pollution daily. So, when are we going to realize that natural disasters will always be part of human lives? So we do need to be ready to face them as they are coming along. Is there any other way? Oh, moving to another planet, would you say? Well, good luck being best friend with Bezos, and get a place with him next time he’s going for a space tour and weigh your options….. Oh, you don’t know him like that! Besides, literally, financing his bank account?

If you don’t plan to actually move somewhere else, why don’t you practice active green life and encourage others to do the same? One big word used those days to talk about what can be done effectively is sustainability. Lol! Listen, POC have been practicing this for years, so welcome to any other groups? What you do or terms you choose to explain your actions don’t really matter but do something, get out of your comfort zone and keep in mind what the goal is for you, especially when saving the planet comes into your mind, assuming it does…

PS: As I was watching Bella Gray (my car) getting flooded in the hurricane last week, one thing into my mind, did I leave my snack on the passenger side? #priorities

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