Fools of the Century?

Have you ever been to the Caribbean Islands? If yes, you’ll agree that those places could indeed be magical if well-governed. Unfortunately for many of them, it is not the case, and their people have to leave to survive either insecurity, look for better opportunities, or run from political persecution.

Maybe some people leave for personal reasons, but most people I spoke to, even after 30 years living outside of their paradise, don’t feel at home anywhere else. Most of those countries were colonized before, and I can assure you that this curse follows them even hundreds of years later! Furthermore, the so-called industrial countries won’t let them be great! You don’t have to send for them; they come anyway and get into your personal business, causing troubles destroying your people from everywhere in the name of development!

Where there’s poverty, corruption emerges. It’s not so hard to understand! How do you expect people who have less than a dollar a day to survive? They want to work, but they can’t find anything valuable to do! The elected people only focus on becoming wealthy or more affluent on the population’s paid taxes instead of doing what is paid for! It’s a never-ending circle! Can you tell how fed up I am????!!!!!

I’ve read the comments of some diaspora who left their country because of poverty or insecurity. I have the feeling they forgot their past. Because most of them also came illegally somewhere, they suffered for years because of their immigration status and blatant racism. Now that they can eat (not even healthy sometimes), judging people trying to do the same. I laughed because I could either cry or scream. The hypocrisy of it all! I want to just ask: how do you look at yourself in a mirror? You still can’t mask your accent! You bleached your skin to look like the colonizer descents who humiliate you daily so you can diminish your own? Your kids are not allowed to speak your own language and are lost trying to gain some identity! Who are you fooling? I mean, besides yourself and your newfound privileges.

This year will go in my history book as one of the hardest! Or was it always that way, but I’m more aware now? My parents tried to paint a better picture of the past, but knowing both were raised under dictatorship and lost relatives because of it, could I trust it?

PS: how many times do you shower or bathe a day? Do you really leave your house in the morning like you slept the night before ?????

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