Being selfish to be selfless?

It’s been so long! I know!!!!!!!!! But hear me out, final periods, when you’re a working student, hit differently—juggling all the aspects of life! OMG so hard, but as one of my Professors who truly gets it would say: « let’s make it work and enjoy the process ». However, sometimes it gets heavy and one thing that got me through this semester was listening to salty books on audible and podcasts.

I enjoy podcasts, and the amount of information you get it’s truly extraordinary. I listen to them while driving and can stop them whenever needed. One of my favorite ones is 99% Anomaly by Cass, Nessa, and Adhassa. The girls are not afraid to get dirty, and conversations are candid with enough disdain to lighten any conversation. If you’re super serious and like things in order, they might not be for you 😎.

In this week’s episode, the girls are talking about a complex concept: selfishness/selflessness, and from what I gathered, you need to balance both to navigate the world or you risk to end up bitter and exhausted. I resonate with them, especially as the oldest daughter of an immigrant family. If you know, you know. I want to focus on my favorite moment of the podcast when one of the cohost said she was selfish with her time and enjoy her own company which could throw some people off.

Do you enjoy your company? Can you deal with your thoughts? Do you need noise around you to feel comfortable? Can you be by yourself and feel complete? I’m sure the answers vary depending on where we are in life, but also your mental state and even your perception of what your needs are. No matter what your answers are, they are valid for you at this moment—# freejudgementzone. I am bothered when other people try to tell me what my feelings or needs should be based on their expectations or society’s timelines. What’s up with that anyway!!!!???

Anyhow, I enjoy my company. I wouldn’t describe myself as an introvert, but I’m at that point where I no longer try to fit in if I don’t want to. My energy is valuable to me, and I choose to share it how I please. I didn’t expect it to be so liberating since I’ve always had great groups of friends, and I still do. I enjoy their company, and we have a great time when we can, but I can also exist on my own and don’t feel guilty if removing myself is what I need at the moment.

Speaking’s of society’s expectations, I’ve learned that your values don’t have to apply to everyone. However, I draw the line when it comes to equality, human rights, child protection, what I like to call the problematic basics because seriously, the mental gymnastics I’ve seen people do to not acknowledge them is genuinely frightening, but this is another day convo.

PS: Ciara’s prayer is fantastic, but I want YME’s prayers. Check out her blog Pieds Poudrés to find out why. You’re welcome 😉.

4 thoughts on “Being selfish to be selfless?

  1. I went on a solo vacation and did not have a full internet plan😎it was the happiest time of the year.I had zero fux to give,I walked thru the city I was visiting,wore short pants,visited museums.As much I love people I enjoy all the moments I get with myself

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  2. I like this. Thése weeks ago I’ve learned to be happy on my own. And people asked me what’s up girl? You’re so pretty; thinking about man or something else. But the answer is: I DECIDED to be happy. I’ve changed, I know that. I’ve learned to be happy with or without someone. We create happiness. And I’m so happy to see your post relating this problematic.
    I love you Mama😘

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