Worry Free? Where 🧐!

Renaissance act one! Beautiful! New genre! New Era! Bey is singing exactly how I portrayed mature women in my mind, carefree and liberated! She’s no longer forcing herself to love what is not serving her purpose, and she wants that easy and relaxed life! I’m here for it! The album was a great relief ! I’ll take all the joy I can get!

Are we in a recession? Should I get scared? Should I cancel my amazon account? Yes, I’m worried. If you look closer, you’ll be too! As a Christ follower, I know what he says and that he got me! The only issue is my great friend Jesus doesn’t share his plans with me, so I’m not sure what season of life I am! I don’t think he expects me to go with the flow and relax, but he does want me to trust that he will do what’s best for me. As a Capricorn, I struggle with this! Yes, I know astrology and being a Christ follower might throw some people off! If you are this far reading this blog, you shouldn’t be surprised that I don’t belong in a specific box! So, I enjoyed being organized and usually have several backup plans! Am I thrusting people? Listen! I have to constantly pray, asking the Lord to give me the ability to trust him, so people don’t stand a chance! The girls that get it, get it!

There is so much for me to worry about these days! Also, if you have not been keeping up with the news, Monkey Pox made its official debut in the world and got its worldly citizenship status from the World Health Organization. All I could think was: can we catch a break !!! Climate change is already upon us! Bridges are melting in several countries because it is so hot, and you, my friend, are still refusing to wear sunscreen !!!!! Tell me more! Everything is more expensive, and shelves are empty in several big store chains! There is not enough production, so workers have a legitimate reason to be worried. The war in Europe is affecting the economy, and quite frankly, it is alarming! And monkeys are attacking babies and the elderly in a Japanese city! They are not looking for food, choosing violence, clawing, and biting! What is happening?

Speaking of not trusting people, before anyone get upset, let me remind you that I’m black and living in America, yes, the continent! Ask my ancestors how they got here, and you’ll understand my rational fears. I only can give you credit and watch you unfold. If your credit score goes up, I’ll give you more, and the inverse is also the same process. You need to prove your intentions; words are cute but never convincing for me; I need consistent actions! Also, I don’t put anyone on a pedestal because I understand that humans have flaws! They can let your expectations down! It’s part of the beauty of their complexity! Also, as a woman, society is constantly trying to do me wrong! Having my guard down is not a luxury I can afford! The issue runs deep! If protecting my peace involved slowly getting to know people before I decide if they are trustworthy is my prerogative! If yours is different, whatever it might be, I respect it.

PS: So apparently, the heat wave is coming back this first week of August; hydrating is your best friend, and so is SPF!!!! No matter if you were blessed with melanin or not! It is a piece of free advice, and I won’t be mad if you do it differently; it is your business!

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