Low energy! Chaotic mood!

What a time to be alive! Beyoncé’s album is dropping on the 29th! Gas prices keep increasing, and baby formula is now 50 bucks! Lord! Anyway, butter cups, one thing which we can count on to be consistent is men’s audacity. Full disclaimer: this is a chaotic post! Same as this 36 degrees weather!

From books to radio or tv shows, from now podcasts or posts on the internet, you can always count on a man somewhere explaining to women how to be themselves, how to be mothers, wives, a professional, or simply existing! It would be somehow understandable or tolerable if, for most of them, their sole credentials weren’t being a man. Self-proclaimed superior sex, therefore in charge of I don’t know what exactly,

Also, I don’t know what irks me the most, “pick me” women who want men’s approval or women who internalize misogyny worse than men! Both groups can stay away from me forever because I don’t have the desire or energy to be around them! Is it so triggering listening to women bashing feminism to please a man! I understand the movement has issues, but what doesn’t? Why do people expect all feminists to be some role models!!!

I’m not only running on low energy. I’m cutting people off! You won’t intoxicate my space in the name of bloodlines or the same last names! In the name that you’re related to one of my other relatives! Because you aren’t to me! We will talk about this soon, because seriously, why do people think they can disrespect you because they are your family? Therefore you are stuck with them? In 2022? When does the world becomes a whole village? I digress but you get it!

Celebrities, theorists, and religious leaders shouldn’t be your models! They are human with different sides! They can certainly do things that you would never expect! A lot of times, when meeting someone who refuses to acknowledge feminism’s contribution to society, they look for flaws in a feminist figure’s life to discredit the whole movement! I could go on and do the same for everything created by men, but why reciprocate the energy? I don’t have it anyway! I remove myself from the equation and keep on thriving! Self-care is also knowing when something isn’t worth it!

PS: my trainer expects me to be active this week! Sirrrrrrr! It’s 37 degrees!

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