Priorities in Chaos

You know you’re bad when you can pose from any angle! Hulu played the barbs last night at the Essence festival!!!! They announced Nicki’s performance would be live, which convinced so many fans to subscribe, and then minutes before the queen got on stage, Angela Ye said it wouldn’t be live-streamed anymore!!!!!! What!!!!! ???? Oh, you thought I was about to talk about RoeVWade??? Or other serious things affecting me as a person? Like protection again gun violence? Nahhhhhh, we good fam! I instead focus on Lisa Rinna and her comment about #RHODubai! Because the girls in the desert don’t play! Way more entertaining!

I’m choosing my battles, and currently, as a black heterosexual woman living in America, the mortality rate among POC at childbirth preoccupies me more. I don’t know if you heard but black women are three times more likely to die while giving life. Yeah! Black women have been fighting for a very long time, especially in the south, about this issue. Should I mention “accidental sterilization,” they risk when going under a procedure! The information is available; what’s the excuse for ignorance? What we’re not going to do is act like POC were not trying to warn people for years about what’s currently happening in this country!

How do you expect an obsolete constitution to apply in 2022 when most of the population doesn’t correspond to its description! It was solely created for white males! Should I say more? I’m not discussing human rights with anyone, primarily based on religion or morals. Sorry, I’m working on low energy, and I don’t have any to spare to this subject. I refuse to engage in anything that would drain me, but I’m taking notes and understanding who’s in my corner. Speaking of struggles, Inflation!!!!! Please stop climbing Nicki’s tall money tree! Only the barbs can do so! Her money folds, our jiggles! Give us a break! I’m hearing a lot of talk about recession and what it could mean, and quite frankly, can we have a peaceful girl summer? I don’t even want to be outside no more! Yes, I know Beyoncé said we are but with what budget, please!!!!????

No matter how hard times get, please take care of yourself, I don’t know what it means for you, but I woke up this morning and drove 10 minutes for an Iced White Caramel Mocha with almond milk at Starbucks! We’re three years into the pandemic, climate change is kicking us down, there are wars everywhere, no Russian vs. Ukraine is not the only one happening! Stop, even for five minutes, and check on yourself, friend!!!!

PS: GenZ were raised by their millennial siblings! Trust me; they’re not the ones for any boomer to play with!

2 thoughts on “Priorities in Chaos

  1. “Oh, vous pensiez que j’allais parler de RoeVWade ??? Ou d’autres choses sérieuses qui m’affectent en tant que personne ? Comme la protection contre la violence armée ? Nahhhhhh, on est bien fam ”
    Se pati mpi renmen nan tèks la😀 Mpat atann ak sa😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Plusieurs personnes m’ont demandé mon opinion sur le sujet! Je parle droit humain tout le temps ! Ce n’est pas de l’activisme occasionnel ici!


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