Celebrating Love

Do you throw hints to your significant other about what you want or do you take the risks to let them completely surprise you? I am always up for a celebration, even though I understand people who feel a way about focusing on a single day and think it can be a bit hypocritical …. … More Celebrating Love

Counting Standards

Isn’t that funny that the same people who are shaming Chloe Bailey for taking part of the Bussit Challenge are also praising Trey Song for his “leaked” videos?…. yeppppp buckle up, we’re going there. One thing that I don’t do is arguing with people for their beliefs, but I will respectfully let you know that … More Counting Standards

Travail en Équipe

Est-ce les recruteurs doivent obligatoirement poser cette question: “pourquoi votre intérêt pour notre compagnie ?”…. euh… avez vous passez une annonce pour cet offre d’emploi oui ou non? Une des compétences recherchées de nos jours est la capacité de travailler en équipe. Souvent, en pleine interview, une question survient sur un précédent projet en groupe … More Travail en Équipe

Light over darkness!

Chile!!!!!!!! What a great day to be alive and to witness this special inauguration ceremony in the United States of America!!!! First and foremost, Michelle Obama came to slayyyyy hunny!!!!!! The CNN reporter almost forgot to mention the presence of her husband, our Former President Barack Obama…. oops 😬! But listen! It’s understandable, I was … More Light over darkness!

Who are your friends?

How do choose your friends? Does anyone have access to this title? With the ascension of social media, connecting with people around the world has become very easy. Most countries also maintain decent diplomatic relations between them so, it is also possible to move and discover other cultures. If you have the ability to speak … More Who are your friends?