Priorities in Chaos

You know you’re bad when you can pose from any angle! Hulu played the barbs last night at the Essence festival!!!! They announced Nicki’s performance would be live, which convinced so many fans to subscribe, and then minutes before the queen got on stage, Angela Ye said it wouldn’t be live-streamed anymore!!!!!! What!!!!! ???? Oh, … More Priorities in Chaos

Millennial Friendship

To which extent should we support our friend? If there are limits, what are the healthy ones? Should our friends expect us to have their back in any situation automatically, or is there room for discussion? Should these convos be private, or do we address them immediately, no matter how and when? Maybe we should … More Millennial Friendship

Société en Rétrograde

Les cahiers au feu! Les professeurs à la poubelle! C’est l’été, l’école est fermée! Quelle joie d’écrire ces mots! Sérieusement ce semestre fut exécrable, je suis ravie d’avoir complété les cours avec succès. Rembourser le prêt scolaire aurait été 💯 fois plus pénible s’il fallait payer pour des cours non réussis! Sueurs froides rien que … More Société en Rétrograde

50/50 Regiment

If your only thoughts on marriage are based on love and happiness, this might not be the text for you. However, if you interact with this blog, you should know better. With that being said, let’s have a conversation. What are the benefits of marriage for a cisgender woman? When have women in general gotten … More 50/50 Regiment

Drowning? Me too.

It’s the final week! I am beyond exhausted, and at that point where I’m feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed at the exact moment! Seriously why is the Spring semester so long! Professors and students seem to be hanging by a thread on the verge of a breakdown. My energy level being on saver mode, I … More Drowning? Me too.