Semester Final Weeks

I was in a all girls catholic school, which had numerous exams throughout the school year. However, we had three terms exams which were really stressful. I still have nightmares about them!!!! 😬😬😬😬! They were so serious that no one’s really cared about the state evaluation as much as they did for them. Matter of fact, you could passed the state exam and still failed the school one’s, which means being expelled. Yeppppp!

Some of the thing I still don’t understand from those years, are the the girl’s attitudes during exam period. They were either cramming in small group, trying to retain more information in two hours than the whole trimester. Or…. you would found them on their knees praying all the Saints they could remember of. The school had a chapel which held a mass every morning throughout the whole year, fewer students assisted them if they were not bribed with extra credit. However, this place was packed when exams were occurring! The last way to affront exams week was my favorite, even though I could’ve never done so. Some of my friends simply disappeared. They would come five minutes before exams start, and and leave right after. So much strength!!!!

It’s Corona time and still!!!!! I’m on final weeks!!!!! I can’t believe the audacity of my professors! My fatigue level is so high that I’m functional for the barely minimum! Don’t ask me for anything more! 2020 is so draining on everybody! We are mentally, physically, economically exhausted! We used to leave all the stress out of the door of our houses, but now, we’re basically living within our stress! I just want a professional massage and then remember I’m too scared of the idea of booking the appointment!

I don’t know how you cope with all those stressful situations but you still need to find a way to give yourself a break…. (Not during final period obviously 🙄)…. but since it’s the last month of this roller coaster that has been 2020, I hope we get through it…. if not… oh well!!!

PS: I’m so proud of myself for not buying anything (almost) in the last Black Friday…. Yeppppp I did that!!!!

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