The 50’s!!!??? Full of Love!

So, let’s just talk about it, shall we?

Recently I had a interesting conversation with someone about gender roles and society evolution. First, I want to apologize for even entertaining it…. you’ll find out why soon…

So, a simple conversation about people’s preferences and turned into women’s fights for their rights. Short story long, it got into women’s empowerment and feminism. Before I knew it, my interlocutor busted out saying that women’s ego was the reason why society was such a mess in the 21st century. In the 1900’s everything was fine, because “everyone” had specific roles….. The shock I had!!!!! Did he stop? Hell no! He then proceeded to explain how women were greedy for power, selfish, and did not care about family values anymore since they could earn their own money…..

So, women are the problems, right? Life will be so easy if they could just take what they get and keep producing children. Because in the 1900’s, there were no domestic violence, no rape on young women who had to raise the product of that unwanted sexual intercourse. They were only deadbeats mother who chose not to take care of their children. Marriages lasted forever because everyone was equal and had power of decisions in the household. Let’s see, the 1900’s also provided opportunities for all human to decide about their sexuality! And women had to come, fight for their rights and ruin everything!!!!! How dreadful!!!???? Those creatures are really ungrateful of all what society have done for them!

Every time someone mentioned relationships of the past centuries as examples to follow, I move ten feet away from them. For my own sanity and concern, I have to. The only toxicity I allow around me is deadlines for assignments. I do the same for people who worship the period of last dictatorship in Haiti. They refer to it as the greatest moment of all time. Meanwhile, people were disappearing for differences of opinions, analphabetism was going strong in the rural areas and locals pigs were being slandered for political purposes.

PS: Pretty privilege does exist. Let’s not act like we have never gotten some people passes based just on the way they look.

2 thoughts on “The 50’s!!!??? Full of Love!

  1. So… from what I can understand, in other words, this particular individual means that it’s better for society when women are ignorant, selfless and dumb??
    Ok…. I got it… SMFH 😑


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