Celebrating Love

This cute spider is looking for a family 😉

Do you throw hints to your significant other about what you want or do you take the risks to let them completely surprise you?

I am always up for a celebration, even though I understand people who feel a way about focusing on a single day and think it can be a bit hypocritical …. I love gifts, I enjoy shopping so of course I’m not going to say no… Also working with children makes me aware of every celebration and I got excited!!! Furthermore, the way this system capitalize everything makes it harder not to hop on the train!

I see it that way, I love the people in my life every day and I feel loved. So Valentine’s Day is just a bonus really. But, some publications online about cheating and celebrating love were hilarious, maybe a little sad also, but hey I’m laughing anyway! And it does make me think and wonder “how do you go back from cheating and forgiving a partner?” I always thought it was a dealbreaker but a recent conversation with a friend makes me reconsider why people stay in the relationship despite being cheating on.

From whatI understood, assets and children might be a reason why people accept cheating. I also heard that almost every one does it, so break a relationship “just for this reason” is not reasonable. Well, it’s still a dealbreaker for me, because I seriously don’t know how to come back from that. I know about forgiveness, so no need to tell me about it… Don’t people become paranoid and constantly doubting the partner? How long is the forgiveness road? I need answer people!!!! I have one last question; if there’s no assets or children involve, why staying? Do people really don’t think they deserve better?

I have some more questions but mostly for women… why do you tend to blame “the other person”? while not addressing your partner who took commitment towards you… I just never understood this ability that some women have to even go out their way to meet and even threaten others when they are clearly disrespected by whoever made them promises 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️!!!!

PS: check on your friends even when you are in the relationship… some of you look like real clown coming back when everything goes south after being MIA for so long.

We created some Valentine’s Suncatchers…..

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Love

  1. Bonjou kòmè pam
    Mw renmen enèji ki degaje lakay tout moun jou sa men redwi l ak jès bay chokola, soti oubyen fè lanmou pou mwen li ta dwe plis ka sa tankou li ta dwe yon jounen refleksyon sou sa ki yon vrè koup e kijan yon koup dwe ye kisa ki lanmou e kijan nou dwe viv lanmou elatriye. Je donne toujours des cartes et parfois du chocolat a mon partenaire pourtant c’est ma maman ma valentine on celèbre notre amour tous les jours 😃

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