Sketchy Plan or Insurance guarantee?

I have a serious question: why do people have kids? I’ve been asking about this for a few months now, and so far, the answers I’ve received are pretty unpleasant. Most of them included: “taking care of parents in their older times, because of legacy, or to please a partner.” Disturbing much? As if it was not enough, someone also said they were working too hard for other relatives to enjoy their hard labor.

I am deeply disturbed by most of the answers because…… most of the reasons almost sounded selfish. So you meant to tell me the sole purpose of someone procreating is to raise a whole human to depend on whether they want or not? Some people said it was only fair since they took care of them in their younger ages. And I’m like Yesssss you did! Because you choose to have them! That sounds like the bare minimum!

Isn’t it the norm for someone who freely chooses to have kids to take care of them? I don’t understand why roof, clothing, food, or education price come back in the conversation as a parental favor? Why bringing voluntary irresponsible actions from people who don’t assume their life decisions as a comparison? I am confused.

What type of relationship are we expecting to build with our children when the base of it is required gratitude? Please don’t come at me crazy because I am tired, stressed, and exhausted. Did I mention broke? I’m a grad student, so my level of patience is concise on many levels. I do not say children should not take care of their parents when the time comes. However, I think it’s audacious to have children for the purposes of having free caregivers. Sounds like a sketchy investment.

PS: in the ghetto place where adulting is located, one of the worst hoods I’ve been in is paying bills! Which hood have you been?

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