Fake Outrage

Disclaimer: read the website title before anything else and let all of us stay in the lane that we hold.

I’ve had one of the most painful conversations of my entire existence this week. Not the topic in itself but the group. I mostly cringe because maybe not too long ago, I used to think the same or, to some extent, in a similar way. However, once you know better and come to terms with yourself, you can actually start being authentic and stand your own ground…. #growth.

 I identify as a black Caribbean woman. I have dark skin, full lips, kinky hair, and hips wide enough for your doctor to copy it. I did not do anything to deserve this body, but society sure has taxed me for it. This world is dominated by male figures (preferably white) and being human for a long time meant looking like them. My kind has fought and keeps on fighting every day on this planet to survive. No matter where you are located as a person of color, colonialism, slavery, or white values have interfered with your existence. Now, as an immigrant living in a predominantly white society embedded in racial injustice and legalized by systemic racism, I checked all the boxes synonyms of oppression. Let’s get this clear, I know marginalization and deal with it on a regular basis. When Dulce, a great comedian, said she belongs to so many minorities, she has to decide what to fight against each day of the week; it is certainly not a joke. 

With that being clear, why in God’s green earth would I decide to oppress other minorities in the name of religion? I identified as Christ’s follower, not a Christian; yes, read this again. I am totally amazed and grateful by the power of my savior, but I ran from the “Christian values” faster than a toddler who has something in their mouth.  Christian morality, from what I have experienced, is the biggest circus ever. The pick and choose of what’s wrong are exhausting. Hiding behind random verses to justify bigotry and closing eyes on so many injustices does not work for me anymore. I said anymore because I would never pretend to be in the “free prejudice” zone. I am working in progress, and I am learning to make amends with myself for some statements I made in the past. 

So, I refuse to associate myself with hate, no matter what the justification behind it. I choose “love and freedom of choice” no matter what the cost is. I don’t think God sent me as the police of anyone while not even dealing with all of the aspects of my life needing improvement. Oh, we’re going there! Drink some water, you will be fine. So, some questions for the gatekeepers of holiness, but on their terms. Who is fixing yourself while you’re busy minding everyone else’s business? Why are you triggered by other directions?  What are you hiding behind this desire for perfection? Why do you get to choose what is “good” or not while you’re the product of what is considered not enough? 

PS: Don’t crumble yourself because others can’t take the whole you, May they choke in peace. 

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