Work in Progress

Let me start by saying that I applaud everyone in relationships, regardless of your reasons or what you choose to put up with. Being with someone else is hard work! Now, are you doing 70/30 or 50/50? What’s the right balance? Is it 100/100? What’s your breaking point? Where do you draw the line? Do you settle? Is there anything holding you from leaving? You might want to know why I’m in your business, and the answer is I’m trying to grow.

No matter what type of relationship you might have with someone, at some point, they will get on your nerves, and so will you! Now we’re just keeping it real! If that has never happened in any relationship, you’ve been a part of, please teach me your way! Looking back at my much younger years, I’ve done a lot of work on myself! Still have a lot to do, but I try my best not to get defensive in arguments. However, I don’t tolerate disrespect, and I don’t believe in forcing dead relationships. Sometimes, things are not meant to be, and that’s perfectly acceptable, also.

Now, don’t get twisted. It might be a work in progress but ain’t no way under the sun that it is said to be a doormat in the process. So many times, I feel my alter ego dying to come out and do severe damages that I know it can do, but I take a deep breath and count up to 15 because 10 won’t cut it. It’s a continuing project which requires time-to-time adjustment. While someone might testify that they’ve seen it, others may not! I try to be as authentic as possible, and I sometimes find out that not everyone is ready for it. So, I can either become brutally honest or stop and ask myself which purpose it would serve to give an opinion. Therefore, I keep my mouth shut and move on.

The bottom is life throws unexpected things at us, and how we decide to go about them is our business. There is no right way to live life, but you should control who and what you allow. Even if you don’t for a time, please don’t let it be forever. You can only do it once, right?

PS: why can’t medical doctors listen? Sir, Miss ma’am, I’m the one with the problem.

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