Swimming with the Sharks

Full disclaimer: this post is essentially me is pouring out my heart! Bringing you on the terrible journey of a graduate student! So, take a deep breath and dive at your risk.

I’m coming back full force to tell you friends more about this semester! I’ve been MIA here because I cannot juggle everything, and some weekends all I need is some rest! Do I get to do so? No. Thank you to one particular professor this semester who believes in torturing students!

Not only that, because most of the assignments are busy work, we don’t have the time to fully grasp the material since we’re focusing on turning in everything on time! If you think I’m tripping, let me tell you that we have an exam this Thanksgiving weekend! Who does that? Yes, I reviewed the websites rating professors before signing up, and those reviews were horrible! However, it was only one available option for the semester, and a girl must push through! Boy! We’re exhausted! I’m at this point where I’ve checked out and activated robot mode because we must pass this class no matter what it takes.

I can’t even blame students from the group anymore for not doing their part because they are probably burned out at this point! I wonder why to choose this method if students complain about it every semester! Then I remembered another professor sharing that when the administration assigned them too many students, a silent way of protesting is giving out a lot of work; therefore, students don’t sign up for their sections anymore. So, instead of finding courage and addressing the real issue, they make us suffer! Isn’t that treacherous!!!!!????

The ridiculousness is not only getting out of hand, but it is affecting my health and ability to focus on what matters in the program: getting ready to help others, and acquiring the necessary skills to improve my understanding and ability! This is what keeps me going, honestly, the bigger picture! And also the student loan I would have to pay back! Too far in-game to afford to quit. Next semester won’t be any different, to be honest, because once again, I’ve signed up for one of the program sharks! I’m not only in need of prayers but coffee budget and a support group.

I want to share tips and how I navigate through it, but I’m exhausted! Hopefully, next time. I earned the right to be fully transparent with you, and I want to maintain the authenticity. Remember to take of yourself, no matter what it means.

PS: Nancy Pelosi, thank you for being such a great house speaker! We salute you!

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