Settle Down …. But Why?

Last week, I read a funny quote on social media which said: “The perfect partner does not exist, just pick your headache and buy Advil”. I can’t decide if it’s pathetic, funny, hilarious, or sad. Looking around me, I just don’t know at this point!

I’m at that age where I can date both Cuomo brothers, yeppppp! Either the governor or the CNN star, so don’t play with me 😎! Does that make it easier for me “to settle down” ? I have a Caribbean upbringing, so no 😂😂😂!!!! I’ve had several conversations with friends who felt that loneliness might be one of the main reasons why our peers choose to be in relationships. Some of them prefer to be in what we might call “difficult relationships” rather than being alone. So, despise all the possible red flags they could perceive, they are still out there trying to be with “someone special” and hoping for the best. Well, that’s a scary thought!

There is no such thing as perfect relationships, but I hardly believe that “love and looks” should be the sole foundations of starting anything with somebody’s child! Or is it the way present themselves and learn big words from a dictionary to drop in the middle of a conversation even though it has nothing to do with it …. (you know… T.I style)??? Don’t even get me started on those who plan a future based on someone’s potential! I got hot flashes every time I hear this! Because, what is potential? Please tell me how do you see a person and decide they have great potential so it is worth it to stick around and watch them eventually grow even though nothing concrete is happening! Am I the crazy one for only believing in what I see? (Besides the Bible 😌😌😌😌)

It might not be easy to be alone if all your entourage is settling down, but is “a four good days, three bad days ” a better alternative? Is it a crime to want more for yourself? Relationships, unless you are part of the Love and Hip Hop cast, should not bring you more pain than anything else! For those who jumped from one relationship to another without that period of analyzing what might have happened, I have one question: what are you running away from? If you are, of course!

PS: I don’t know if you heard, but my dear dad is planning on writing a letter to Amazon to ask them to stop their great relationship with me!!!!!! No, I’m not well and needs prayers!

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