Light over darkness!

Couldn’t find any pearls… still dripping tho! Don’t mind my air fryer…. 😌😌😌

Chile!!!!!!!! What a great day to be alive and to witness this special inauguration ceremony in the United States of America!!!!

First and foremost, Michelle Obama came to slayyyyy hunny!!!!!! The CNN reporter almost forgot to mention the presence of her husband, our Former President Barack Obama…. oops 😬! But listen! It’s understandable, I was breathtaking for more than five minutes myself! Besides that, I had a great time watching the whole ceremony! I wore my converse, white shirt and navy blazer! I couldn’t find any pearls and quite frankly, my sprained ankle (happened last Sunday) was not cooperating either with, so forget the search!

President Biden, of course, gave us an amazing speech about unifying, working together as a country. He also signed 17 executive orders after the inauguration!!!!! Talk about work ethic! Madam Vice President was also dripping in fabulosity! She also found the time to sworn three new senators today. We love a multitasking queen!!!! This inauguration was definitely a fashion show, and you know you have money when you can pull out those monochromatic looks!!!!! Cheetos Doritos of course choose not to come, but no one cares about his absence! #byeashy #begone

Another great moment was the first press briefing by the press secretary Jen Psaki, we actually had full answers without any nasty behaviors and transparency!!!! I almost cried! And then the inauguration concert!!!! We enjoyed Demi Lovato, John Legend!!! As Justin Timberlake and Ant Clermont said it better days are coming!!!!! We had the most perfect day and I am still taking it in! We’re coming back to decency, to common sense, to facts check! And we’re ready for some lovely days!!!!!

PS: I want to quote Amanda Gorman because she is black excellence and that’s on Period! “There is always light, if we only brave enough to see it. If we brave only to be it”!

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