Opinions? About Consequences ?

Why do people think they are allowed “to have an opinion” and not be able to prove what they say?

We see the world differently, and that’s the beauty of it, but doesn’t that principle come with: you shall not speak what you have no idea about? Because, seriously !!!!!!!! How can it be acceptable for an individual to blast out anything, and when asked to prove his words, the only response is: « well, that’s my opinion.» Meanwhile, possibly degrading others, or minimizing people’s struggles! The worst thing with some opinionated people, they most often have no facts to back up their claims. They have never experienced what they’re talking about, and that’s not even everything…. they don’t wish to learn or do better!!!!! Or they serve the classic: « I’ve heard it somewhere » 😖😖😖

Hear me out; you totally can have freedom of speech. This is not what this conversation is about, but does this privilege allow you to say whatever you want, regardless of others? Shouldn’t that privilege come responsibility? Even if you have had a personal experience related to an issue, it is your own;  why do you think you should use it for the general population. Often I hear my friends who are parents say how different each of their children is. Therefore they cannot apply the same style of parenting for all of them. So, even though we might have had a similar experience than someone else, it still does not justify saying whatever we want about them, especially in a public setting. While we are on the subject, please respect others boundaries. If someone tells you no or lets you know that a possible comment might have hurt them, please don’t explain yourself, apologize and be gracious.

So, could we practice that? Could we be mindful of quick judgments? Could we pause and ask ourselves why we are so short of judging someone based on one situation or a simple action? Why is it so hard to stop before saying anything that could hurt someone else? I am sure that we all have been on the receiving end of harsh opinions; based on absolutely anything, it is not a pleasant experience. About our friends? Should we allow them to tell us things without any concrete proofs or facts to back them up? I just want to know, if people are allowed to do so, shouldn’t them be ready to face the consequences. Well, I don’t make the rules; significant power= great responsibilities.

PS: Have you ever  had a skinny trainer? Who has never struggled with weight issues  and tells you what to do about your weight without considering your specific journey? Well, feel free to have whatever opinion you want about them. 

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