Raising Your Parents!

I did not sign up for this! So what it is happening?

I have reached out this quiet stage of life where your parents can be your close friends and they are no longer stress to death about your becoming. They have given you everything, values, principles, and their time. Even though they continue to support you, they can also relax and take the back seat in most of your decisions. Listen! Those people deserve a break! I have been an expensive child! But do they have to make me pay it back ?

I’m basically raising my parents at this point! Calling if they are more than 20 minutes late and scheduling certain of their appointments. Let’s not even get started on filling paperwork for most of everything they might need, fixings computers, phones, and making sure they are not doing the most!

Why would my dad listen to the Haitian news on in his car and YouTube because he knows the effects of upsetting information on his health. I have also threatened to break the radio button at least twice a week for years. Seriously, if you are having a bad day and want to make it worse, listen to the news! Or if you also want feel better about your situation, check the news. They will humble you real quick! Back to my daddy dearest who suffers of all vascular issues and rather use headphones so I can’t catch him listening to them!

My beautiful mother herself is graduated with honors from WhatsApp university and is a proud member of at least 15 familial, religious and social groups. While I strongly encourage her all day, every day to verify the sources of shared data, tell me why I recently received a forwarded message (multiple times) regarding some suspicious information regarding health treatment…. For her defense, it was at night and she was too tired to read the whole thing…. okay then, about keeping it to yourself and taking some rest!

Seriously, raising parents is exhausting! No wonder why I need so many cocktails recipes! They really think they are grown and about that life! And I have to remind them respectfully…. Sir, Miss Ma’am…. No you’re not! Now please get in line, take care of yourself, stay safe and alive for at least 50 more years!

PS: According to my sister, I can only blame myself since I was so happy to teach them about technology 😬😬😬 really !!!!

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