Wake up Call for Sleeping Beauty!

If the shoe fits, wear it proudly! And remember… unapologetically😌😌😌

I enjoy being an aunt to all of my friend’s kids. I found them refreshing and cute, most of the time. However, I confess to muting most of my acquaintances on real life and social media as soon as they announce their pregnancy or an engagement. I am happy for them and their journey, but keeping up with them can quickly become too much. Between announcements and gender reveal, followed by multiple showers, I can’t keep up. Also because most people forget they are still the character of interest and lose themselves on the project.

I try to support them as much as possible from a distance but am still there. However, I keep wondering if I should ask the questions lingering on my mind, torn by the idea of how much they could be offended by my opinions. But I’ll do it here 😌😌😌😌… how much of your identity do you lose once you get into a relationship or have kids? Do you have to? How long is mommy mode allowed? You know, when every single conversation revolve around the annoying little people?

For my friends who I literally forget their partner’s name because it is replaced by “my huuussbbannd/boyfriend/fiance» do you boo but bringing him to girl’s night or brunches? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? And, since when is he allowed to have an opinion when we’re having a private conversation? I hate to have to ask for him just to make sure a past story can be shared. I don’t think you want him to know the magical era before his application 😎🙊🙃….

So how do you keep your friendships and relationships balanced? I have that one friend who is totally MIA every time a new boo comes around. She misses everything and won’t even text back, but once things go south, your phone can’t have a peaceful moment without notifications…. You also have that friend and if nobody in your circle is that way, check yourself, boo 💅🏾!

PS: it’s so hot this summer !!!!! Between songs dropping, crazy news all day, and gas prices skyrocketing, I don’t know what to do!!!! Thank you, Lord, for Starbucks refreshers! 

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